Capital Markets

Tradition Securities and Derivatives, Inc. provides brokerage services for Capital Markets products in the following areas:


US Credit Derivatives

LatAm Credit Derivatives

Credit Derivatives Indices


Cross Currency Basis

Interest Rate Options (IRO)

    • Caps/Floors
    • Swaptions
    • Exotic Options
      • Constant Maturity Swaps (CMS)
      • CMS Spread Options
      • Other: Callable Range Accruals, Inverse Floaters 

Interest Rate Swaps

    • Spreadovers
    • Medium Term IRS
    • Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)
    • Overnight Index Swaps (OTS)
    • Fed Funds
    • CCP Spreads
    • LatAm IRS 

Inflation Derivatives

    • U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    • Inflation Asset-Swap Spread (ASW)
    • U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) Fixings
    • Mexican Inflation Swaps
      • UDI- TIIE Swaps
      • UDI- LIBOR Swaps 

Canadian Fixed Income Derivatives

    • FRAs
    • Interest Rate Swaps
    • Overnight Index Swaps (OIS)
    • OIS/CDOR Spreads
    • CME/LCH Spreads
    • CDN/USD Cross Currency Basis


Tradition Securities and Derivatives Inc. is a member of NFA / FINRA / MSRB / SIPC / Tradition SEF, Inc.  / NASDAQ / NasdaqPHLX / ISE / ISE Gemini and the major exchanges.  

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