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Torrent is Tradition’s hybrid order management platform for trading foreign currency NDFs. The platform has rich functionality, low latency and ability to attract high-quality liquidity.

Torrent facilitates both hybrid and fully-electronic order entry, allowing users to manage orders via voice brokers and/or direct order entry. It offers a broad range of currencies across Latin America including CLP, COP, PEN and ARS, creating multiple pools of liquidity.

In addition to order submission, Torrent also delivers market data for the underlying instruments. Torrent allows clients to integrate their own proprietary systems directly or through Independent Software Vendors via FIX protocol. Torrent’s GUI is offered as a desktop application or an ultra-lightweight web-based client.

Developed in conjunction with leading market participants, Torrent provides brokers and traders with a hybrid platform for seamless interaction of voice and electronic order management.

Where applicable, orders successfully negotiated through Torrent will be executed on Tradition SEF, Inc. through the Introducing Broker firm affiliated with Tradition Group.


Benefits of connecting and using Torrent for Latin America NDFs

  • Liquidity - Platform liquidity provided by global players

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Hybrid - Combines the best of Broker interaction & electronic features

  • STP – Complete Straight Through Processing from SEF to Market Participants back office reporting entities, and clearers where required.

  • Accessible - via standard FIX API using Market Participant’s own system, Independent Software Vendors, via Total Desktop or Total Web GUIs

  • Transparent – Visibility on price and size formation


Features of Torrent

  • Continuous Order Management - Platform’s Order Management Engine supports advanced order types such as All or None, Immediate Or Cancel Order, Top of Market, Iceberg, One Cancels Other, and Fill or Kill using a Price-Time priority.

  • Auctions - Designed to allow flexible management of auctions. Auction functionality supports: scheduling, multiple price determination and start/end notifications.

  • Workup – The ability to individually negotiate the quantity of a transaction by the parties involved.

  • Hybrid Interaction - Continuous electronic provision combined with voice capability ensures access to a liquid market with continuous opposing orders.  

  • Counterparty Certainty - Bilateral credit control with highlighting ensures counterparty can screen orders.